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Consultation Procedures & Fees

You have the opportunity to schedule a private and confidential meeting with Kenneth J. Kroopf to determine whether you have a claim that is worth pursuing.

He will offer an opinion as to the various legal remedies available, the potential problems, time constraints, and anticipated fees and costs.

If you have a personal injury claim, the first consultation is free at Law Offices of Kenneth J. Kroopf. Other types of initial consultations may require a nominal fee, which is considerably less than the usual hourly attorney fee.

You may consider scheduling a consultation with an attorney over the following:

  1. A second opinion on a personal injury claim
  2. The sale or purchase of residential or commercial real estate, sale or purchase of a business, and formation of a partnership or corporation
  3. A pending or prospective lawsuit
  4. Independent investigation of sexual harassment, wrongful termination and racial discrimination claims
  5. Employment law claims